Whether you’re renovating, moving or just eliminating junk, call us today.
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How-To Tips

Save on Bins Junk Removal

How to de-clutter a home?

Start small – Do not try to clear an entire home in one day. Doing this can be overwhelming and can often squash your motivation and cause you to push it off for another day. Do it in bit-sizes. Clear out one room at a time starting with the most difficult first. If one room seems overwhelming, divide the room into four sections and clean one section at a time.

Create three categories: waste section, donations, and things to keep. Use large garbage bags to separate your items into these three categories. If you run across an item that you’re not sure about throwing away, put it to the side and decide at the end of your cleaning session. Things to keep section may also include items that can be more effectively placed in another room in the house.

Ask your self these questions. – Have I used it this year and do I plan on using it? Will I regret throwing this away or will my spouse? Do I really need two or more of the same item? If you answered NO to any of these questions, get it to the waste pile!

Load all your allowable waste items into a Save on Bins waste bin and call us. We will load the loaded bin and dispose all waste accordingly without any further involvement on your side.

Whether you’re renovating, moving or just eliminating junk, call us today.

Prices quoted apply for service to Edmonton, St Albert, & Sherwood Park.

Service to Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove and Nisku, available with a surcharge of $75.00 + GST.

Service to Stony Plain, Devon, Leduc, Bon Accord, Gibbons, Morinville, available with a surcharge of $100.00 +GST

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